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This guy is highly opinionated and does not give a f*ck. That’s why I like him.


Some interesting data links

Funding Stages

This article by Fred Wilson is useful in understanding how start-ups grow.


Seems highly capable and very powerful.

Causality, Correlation, Science

A pretty good example of system theory at work. The issue I have with the article is that it doesn’t present an alternative model.

Some Graph Databases

Found a couple of projects that create graph dbs: Golden Orb and graphLab.

And this is a pretty good blog on Hadoop and big data.

Big Data in Science

Interesting take on the issues with data processing in the scientific community by Gray.

Graph Database in Google App Engine?

This is a presentation on GAE:

I wonder if we can implement a Graph Database in GAE with high performance.

Here is the video:

Business Model and Customer Development

I just love this presentation. This framework is very consistent with system theory.

Creating Start-Up Success

View more presentations from Alexander Osterwalder

The substance is really the business model. In fact, the business model is the business plan; that’s what VCs should be looking at.